Major Software Products

Major Software Products

Windows-based Software

  1. CSD Sales Commercial System (CSCS)
    CUSTOMER(S) – Blue Star

    • Acceptance of Order
    • Invoice
    • Collection
    • CN
    • DN
    • JV
    • Dealer Commission
    • Outstanding
    • TDS/Forms Tracking
    • Commission Business
  2. Variable Refrigerant Flow System (VRF) for Air-conditioning Industry
    CUSTOMER(S) – Blue Star

    • Engineering Design & Drawing Software for the designers of VRF Air-conditioning Systems
    • Place VRF Components on the Drawing Board
      • Outdoor Units
      • Indoor Units
      • Refrigerant Distribution System (Piping, Distribution Joints, Valves)
      • Controller System (Wiring, System Controllers, Gateways, Schedule Timers)
    • Software will check that ODU capacity is sufficient to service all placed IDUs
    • Software will check Limiting Parameters
      • No of IDUs per ODU
      • Total Btu/hr of IDU vs Btu/hr of ODU (130%)
      • Main Piping Length
      • Max Piping Length
        • Actual
        • Equivalent
      • Diff between max & min lengths from primary distribution joint
      • Max Branch to IDU tubing
      • Total Tubing Length
      • Elevation Diff between ODU & IDU when ODU is higher
      • Elevation Diff between ODU & IDU when ODU is lower
      • Max Elevation Diff between IDUs
    • Software will generate following outputs
      • Equipment List
      • Refrigerant Tubing Design Diagram
      • Control Wiring Design Diagram
      • Capacities
      • Refrigerant Charge
  3. Credit Card Application Processing System (MiAPPS)
    CUSTOMER(S) – MeHin / IndusInd Bank
    PLATFORM – C#, MS SQL Server, LINQ

    • Handles different types of credit cards and schemes
    • Input fields are switched on & off according to business rules
    • Extensive validations and input checks
    • 2 level data entry, D1 & D2
    • QC Process
    • Integration with bank’s operational software
    • Team Performance Management
  4. Recruitment Process Management System
    CUSTOMER(S) – Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) – Mumbai
    PLATFORM – C#,MS SQL Server

    • Feed candidate info using scanned application or manual data entry
    • Review / Modify candidate details
    • Set selection criteria like qualification, age, caste category, disability, etc.
    • Automatic short listing of candidates who match criterion
    • Entry of Demand Drafts received
    • Generate reports and populate merit list
  5. Project-based Access Control System
    CUSTOMER(S) – IBI Chematur
    PLATFORM – C#,MS SQL Server

    • Allocate Projects to Engineers
    • Enable access to drives and emails based on the selected project
    • Single Sign On using Active Directory
    • Log time spent on projects by engineers
    • Capture details of work done by engineers
    • Generate daily Project-wise Activity Report

Corporate Websites

We have developed some responsive websites for our clients as follows:

  1. 3 P Consultants – Executive Search Consultants VIEW
  2. Worldtag – Ergonomic Chair Manufacturing Company VIEW
  3. Inches – Healthcare Insurance Claim VIEW
  4. TMR Corporate Services – HR & Management Consultants VIEW
  5. B2B Message Blaster – Mass Email Campaign VIEW

Apart from these, we have also developed other non-responsive websites as follows:

  1. Cloud Society – SaaS Software for housing societies VIEW
  2. Pills-On-Wheels, USA – Medications, Durable Medical Equipments Supplies Company VIEW
  3. Kanara Saraswat Association – Social Organization VIEW
  4. Technowin – Service Industry VIEW
  5. EasyVelo, Switzerland – Electric Vehicles Supplier VIEW
  6. Techno Win – IT Services Provider VIEW
  7. Kohinoor Group – Diversified Corporate Group VIEW
  8. Medallion Marine – Shipping Company VIEW
  9. MACRO –Market Research and Consultancy Company VIEW

Some of the websites we have developed but currently not functional:

  1. Dapoli Holidays – Holiday Homes
  2. TYW Worldwide – Travel Agent
  3. Oz Ceramics, Australia – Ceramics Manufacturing Company
  4. White House Realities – Real Estate Company
  5. Tutelez – School, Parents, Students Association Portal
  6. Textbooks International – E-commerce portal to sell textbooks and manage orders

e-Brochure services

e-Brochure for Wockhart

  • e-Brochure incorporating interactive presentation, video, animation, sound, voice over, etc.